Salad recipe by Ron Blaauw | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

Salad of palm cabbage, kale & flowersprouts with crispy bacon by Ron Blaauw

15 February 2019/by Larissa Zanstra
Sprouts, bacon and Messeklever cheese | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

Sprouts, bacon and Messeklever cheese by Ron Blaauw

19 January 2019/by Larissa Zanstra
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

WWOO Garden Design Basics

16 January 2019/by Larissa Zanstra

Zander with Alkmaarse pearl barley and butter sauce by Ron Blaauw

15 December 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens
WWOO Outdoor kitchen

WANNAHAVES: underneath the Christmas Tree

13 December 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens

Pheasant of the BBQ with pickled cabbage and laurel by Ron Blaauw

6 December 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens
Franse uiensoep | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

French onion soup with Gruyère and farmhouse toast by Ron Blaauw

15 October 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens
WWOO Braaimaster | WWOO outdoor kitchen

FIRE & FOOD: Wannahaves to cook outside all year long

4 October 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens

Trout fillet, warm cooked with celeriac and horseradish by Ron Blaauw

1 October 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens
Geroosterde oerbiet met kippenvleugels en mosselen | WWOO Outdoorkitchen

Roasted beet with chicken wings and mussels by Ron Blaauw

1 August 2018/by wwoo buitenkeukens
WWOO outdoor kitchen betonnen buitenkeuken

The most beautiful locations where a WWOO is placed

6 February 2018/by Martijn Vree

TIP: 5 tips to prepare your WWOO for spring

6 February 2018/by Martijn Vree

A day in the life of Debs Winrow, the Creative Director of Garden House Design, as she checks out WWOO HQ!

30 January 2018/by Martijn Vree

#05: Lamb Shoulder with tomato salad | Recipe Recept by Ron Blaauw

25 September 2017/by Ashley Horn

VIDEO: Ron’s Recipe #04: Gazpacho with prawns

10 August 2017/by Ashley Horn

VIDEO: Ron’s Recipe #03: Grilled asparagus

14 July 2017/by Ashley Horn

VIDEO: Ron’s Recipe #02: Beets with Burrata

16 June 2017/by Ashley Horn

WWOO-land 2017

2 June 2017/by Ashley Horn

VIDEO: Ron’s Recipe #01: Chicken Baharat

26 May 2017/by nhwebsites


14 March 2017/by Ashley Horn

EVENT: WWOO and The Roast Room Amsterdam

11 January 2017/by Ashley Horn
WWOO outdoor kitchen betonnen buitenkeuken

HOW TO: Do’s to make your garden look bigger

29 December 2016/by Ashley Horn

WORLDWIDE: UK latest member of the WWOO family

4 November 2016/by Ashley Horn

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