FIRE & FOOD: Wannahaves to cook outside all year long

Leaves falling from the trees, colder evenings and shorter days: Autumn season has started! You can cook and enjoy yourself outside all year long with the WWOO multifunctional wannahaves.

WWOO is a ultra strong outdoor kitchen with a modern design, made of indestructible concrete. It’s perfect for cooking and creating warmth this autumn. The possibilities are endless: all heat and cooking sources which WWOO offers you are all integrated in the outdoor kitchen itself.


Multifunctional fireplace

First we have our South-African WWOO Braaimaster: a coal maker, grill, barbecue and fireplace all in once. In this way it’s possible to grill the most delicious, culinary dishes and light up a cozy fire at the same time. Besides that, the WWOO Braaimaster is fully integrated in the modular WWOO kitchen, so it fits in every garden. Imagine yourself in Africa for a moment and enjoy the delicious and pure food from the Braai.


Another ‘all time favorite’ is our Big Green Egg, also an invention of foreign origin (Asian) and the Ferrari of all barbecues. Imagine anything you would like to eat, and the Big Green Egg will bake, grill, roast or cook it for you. You’ll have to think ‘out of the egg’ for this one.

Besides that, the Big Green Egg is a very user-friendly barbecue: he is made of unique double-walled ceramic, causing the fact you can control the temperature accurate to the degree. WWOO is premium dealer of Big Green Egg. However, the WWOO kitchen counter offers possibilities for all other kamado’s too of course.


Look at all the design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO Kitchen in your garden in a virtual way with our skillful app. Or request a personal design directly via  / +44 (0)1727 865 893