WWOO-01-01-shower | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen

WWOO-01-01- shower


WWOO-02-02-shower | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen

WWOO-01-02- shower


WWOO-02-03-shower | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen

WWOO-01-03- shower


WWOO-02-04-shower | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen

WWOO-01-04- shower


WWOO betonen buitenkeuken | Two segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Three segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Four segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen
Five segments | WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Corner Collection | 6 segmenten | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Special collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen

WWOO outdoor kitchen

WWOO is a unique Dutch designed modular concrete outdoor kitchen by Piet-jan van den Kommer. WWOO UK is based just outside London in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We offer a complete and straight forward service which can include helping to design your perfect kitchen layout through to full installation


The WWOO outdoor kitchen is available from £ 1.850. Design your outdoor kitchen using our collection  and price list, but if you need some help, email us at info@wwoo.co.uk  and we will be more than happy to provide you with a personal design and proposal.