WWOO CELEBRATES WITH YOU: Wannahaves for underneath the Christmas Tree

Finally… The holidays are near! And the WWOO Outdoor Kitchen team celebrates these days with you of course. That’s why we’ve selected thé perfect wannahaves for you from our webshop which can’t be missing as presents underneath the Christmas Tree. Because celebrating Christmas and New Year is the most fun outside with a WWOO in your garden.

The almost indestructible WWOO Outdoor Kitchen makes it possible to cook outside, even during the holidays. The reason for this is the tough character of the WWOO, which is resistant to every type of weather. The outdoor kitchens are made of reinforced concrete, known for it’s durability. But, there is more of course… The WWOO team picked the perfect wannahaves from our webshop to make your Christmas and New Year a lot easier.

Relaxed holidays

Everybody wants everyone to love his or her Christmas dishes. Keeping up with the steps of your recipe is essential in that proces. This can’t go wrong with the WWOO Device Holder. The special cut-out in the concrete will make sure this handy tool leaves you enough space for cooking, while having it, and your iPad (or phone, tablet, etc.) with recipe on it, close to you at the same time.

Besides, you definitely want your WWOO Braaimaster or Big Green Egg to work as soon as possible to actual make these delicious recipes. Our Looftlighter will help you to make this happen. This convenient instrument will ensure your WWOO Braaimaster or Big Green Egg is lighting up in no time.

Eventually, lightning which causes a cozy ambience can’t be missing in your WWOO Outdoor Kitchen either. WWOO is dealer of the little Fatboy Light which you can set up in different light intensities, according to your own wishes. Besides of creating ambience, this cute light makes sure that you and your guests can see those lovely and delicious holiday dishes you’re preparing.

Finally, WWOO will launch its first lightning collection soon. So, that’s a very nice perspective… Stay tuned!

Last but not least

This multifunctional WWOO Booze & Bites board will make these holidays even more easier for you. We’ve already introduced it, but now it can’t be missing in your WWOO collection anymore. In this way, you can enjoy outside with a snack and a drink (literally) at hand, without standing up for it. Organizing a cozy ‘get together’ during the holidays never was that easy. WWOO wishes you a relaxed Christmas and an enjoyable New Year!