WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen collection 2019

WWOO has a completely new collection of concrete outdoor kitchens. The possibilities are endless, but to make the design process easier, the collection now consists of several design segments: think of two to six segments, the outdoor shower, the corner and the special collection.

Ultimate enjoyment

Ultimate relaxation or outdoor cooking with friends and family in the garden, Piet-Jan van den Kommer knows how to handle it. The garden design basics of WWOO create a zen environment of the garden, where you can experience your own home spa with the WWOO shower. The tap can be connected to both cold and hot water, so you don’t have to say goodbye to it in wintertime. For the upcoming summer it is of course wonderfully refreshing after a long day at work to jump under the outside shower and then enjoy lounging in the sun with a glass of wine on the modular lounge sofa. De-stressing in your own outdoor spa sounds like music to your ears collection.
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Two segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Three segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Four segments collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen
Five segments | WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Six segments | WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO outdoor kitchen
Shower collection | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Corner Collection | 6 segmenten | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | Special collection | WWOO concrete outdoorkitchen

WWOO: the multifunctional eye-catcher in your garden

De-stressing in your own garden is in line with something that not everyone is able to, a cleaned and styled garden. The new storage options from WWOO are the basis of a stylish garden and therefore also create more peace and quiet. A garden is of course to live in and especially to optimally enjoy, but it must be a bit organized. With the new wooden WWOO crates this happened in no time. Use them to store your fresh vegetables, bottles of water and wine during a BBQ party with the family in the outdoor kitchen. They not only serve as a storage element, but also as a garden decoration. For example, put a lamp or a bowl of candles on it to create extra light and cosiness after sunset. Completely ready to enjoy the spring sun this weekend!
WWOO outdoor kitchen 2019
WWOO outdoor kitchen 2019

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

WWOO is an ultra strong outdoor kitchen with a modern design, made of indestructible concrete. The possibilities are endless: all heat and cooking sources which WWOO offers you are all integrated in the outdoor kitchen itself.


Look at all the design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO Kitchen in your garden in a virtual way with our skillful app. Or request a personal design directly via info@wwoo.co.uk / +44 (0)1727 865 893