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De Ash tool heeft eigenlijk een dubbele functie: je verwijdert eenvoudig de as in je Big Green Egg, maar je kunt er ook de houtskool goed mee verdelen voordat je de EGG aansteekt. Dit praktische hulpmiddel werkt heel goed samen met de Ash removal pan.

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The Ash tool actually has a double function: you can easily remove the ash in your Big Green Egg, but you can also use it to properly distribute the charcoal before lighting the EGG. This practical tool works very well with the Ash Removal Pan.

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In order to optimally control the temperature during EGG, it is important that there is as little ash as possible in the EGG. Fortunately, the Ash Tool likes to clean up. With the metal poker you can easily slide all ashes to the side before using the EGG, which in turn benefits your dishes. The Ash tool is available in 3 sizes and you can simply hang it up again after use.

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