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WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
WWOO Outdoor Kitchens

WWOO Accessories

All WWOO accessories are designed in such a way that they require little maintenance, are easy to clean and can be left outside all year round. With WWOO you have all the time to enjoy it, no matter how often you use it.
Unlike all other outdoor kitchens, WWOO fits into any garden, is extremely strong  maintenance-free. Our strength? The simplicity and a well thought-out ‘floating’ design with 1001 design options that match your wishes and budget. At WWOO you will not find fixed cupboards or refrigerators, etc. No corners where leaves or mold can sit.

  • Marienburg-Charcoal-50l

    Super quality Organic charcoal, extremely suitable for the Big Green Egg! We import this charcoal ourselves from Latvia and it is only available at WWOO…

     24,95 VAT included

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  • Looftlighter-WWOO-outdoor-kitchen-fire

    Quick, easy and nature-friendly way to light the fireplace or barbecue! The Looftlighter is a Swedish invention to easily light the BBQ or fireplace.

     69,00 VAT included

  • wwoo-toweltail-stainless-steel

    A super nice wanna have is the WWOO © towel hook stainless steel. Ideal to hang your towels and/or tea towels on your WWOO so that you always have clean and dry hands while cooking.

     71,50 VAT included

  • WWOO-Barstool

    The WWOO © Barstool is multifunctional, made of Manzonia wood and equipped with a steel frame it is both a stool and bench!

     700,00 VAT included

  • outdoorkitchen-knife-block

    This WWOO © knife block was developed in collaboration with chef Ron Blaauw and can be integrated into the WWOO outdoor kitchen. There is room for five knives and a knife sharpener.

     295,00 VAT included

  • cutting-board-wwoo

    This Manzonia wooden device holder was developed in collaboration with chef Ron Blaauw and can be integrated into the WWOO outdoor kitchen. This device holder offers space for a tablet, smartphone or cookbook.

     165,00 VAT included

  • This WWOO © Cutting board is in collaboration with chef Ron Blaauw and serves as a perfect tool for cutting ingredients and for the presentation of dishes.

     60,00 VAT included

  • shaped-cutting-board

    This WWOO © Shaped cutting board was developed in collaboration with Ron Blaauw and is perfect for cutting ingredients and for presentation.

     75,00 VAT included

  • wwoo-hang-on

    These WWOO © Hang-ons were designed in collaboration with chef Ron Blaauw. The hang-ons are available in two sizes and serve as the perfect product to store ingredients.

     28,00 VAT included

  • WWOO-Barset

    The WWOO © Barset specially designed by Piet-Jan van den Kommer for the WWOO outdoor kitchens. The bar set is made of Manzonia wood and has a steel frame.

     4.500,00 VAT included

  • XXL-Bracket-stainless-steel

    This gadget, the WWOO © XXL Bracket stainless steel, gives you even more storage space and makes it possible to have your important things close by while cooking.

     215,00 VAT included

  • wwoo-booze-bites-board

    With this ultra handy WWOO © booze and bites board, made of wood, you have both your snack and your drink (literally) at hand.

     19,95 VAT included


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