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WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
BBQ recipes2022-09-14T08:10:38+02:00

BBQ recipes

WWOO turns you into a real BBQ grill master. Fire up your BBQ and open a bottle of wine; it’s time to enjoy our BBQ recipes and become the very best amateur BBQ chef!

Together with the best chefs, we create the tastiest working lunch or after-work dinner at the WWOO Headquarters. We use products from our very own fruit orchard, vegetable garden or from local farmers. Would you like to prepare a healthy lunch, a caveman style grill, or a vegetarian BBQ meal? We are happy to share our delicious recipes with you. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check out our Outdoor Cooking Workshops.

Bon appétit!

  • A more luxurious variant of the well-known hotdog, the rotdog. With cheese, bacon, brioche-buns and of course sausage comes a delicious rotdog.

  • white-chocolate-fondant-recipe-WWOO

    Love goes through the stomach, especially with the delicious white chocolate fondant. Let's bake!

  • Sole-fillet-with-mushrooms-recipe-WWOO

    Prepare the perfect sole fillet with this recipe by Ron Blaauw.

  • When it’s winter, this stew by Ron Blaauw is a real treat.

  • The sprouts are even more tastier with Ron Blaauw's recipe.

  • Pike-perch-recipe-WWOO

    With barley from Alkmaar, the pike-perch tastes even better.

  • Discover the delicious lacinato kale salad with bacon.

  • It's always time for a delicious French onion soup by Ron Blaauw.

  • trout-fillet-recipe-WWOO

    Ron Blaauw’s trout fillet is a delicious fish dish.

  • Pheasant with sauerkraut and bay leaves is an award-winning combination.

  • crumble-bbq-recipe-WWOO

    This crumble is a truly delicious dessert!

  • Delicious seasoned meat on a stick with a fresh Raita dip.

  • Chicken and baby potatoes; with such a simple recipe, you can never go wrong.

  • Charred-Leek-recipe-WWOO

    Happiness on a plate: charred leek from the BBQ by Ron Blaauw.

  • The lamb shoulder is an undervalued piece of meat; it tastes great when fried. Our chef serves the lamb shoulder with a tomato salad, fresh herbs, and Bosch & Dal wine.

  • pizza-bbq-outdoorkitchen

    Mamma Mia, this is the pizza recipe to die for!

  • Recipe-bbq-lobster-wwoo

    This simple and quick recipe will excite your senses with tong melting lobster


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