Sole fillet with mushrooms by Ron Blaauw

Prepare the perfect sole fillet with this recipe by Ron Blaauw.


Hare stew

  •   8 sole fillet
  •   100 gr soy oil
  •   Fresh ground salt and pepper


  •   50 gr butter
  •   1 finely chopped shallot
  •   1 clove of garlic
  •   0.5 dl white wine
  •   1 dl fish broth
  •   1 dl whipped cream
  •   250 gr mushrooms

Beurre Blanc

  •   1 l fish broth (without salt)
  •   3 dl Noilly Prat. (French Vermouth)
  •   5 dl whipped cream
  •   200 gr butter
  •   10 gr dashi powder

Before serving in the sauce

  •   The zest and juice of 2 limes
  •   2 tbsp finely chopped chive, in rings


  •   2 leeks, not too much green
  •   100 g beurre blanc


  •   Mixing bowls
  •   WWOO Cutting board
  •   Knifes
  •   Cookware
  •   Microplane grater
  •   Spoons


  •   Preheat the WWOO Braaimaster, indirectly, to 160 °C. (You can also use a pan or oven.)
  •   For the Beurre Blanc: prepare more than you need and store it in the freezer in ice cube bags. That way, you always have some sauce at hand when you need it!
  •   Slowly heat the (homemade) fish broth with Noilly Prat until you’re left with a quarter of the original amount.
  •   In another pan, heat the cream until you’re left with half of the original amount. Add this to the fish broth and allow it to boil down again.
  •   Add the butter, dashi, salt, and pepper. Mix it all back together with a whisk or hand blender.
  •   Finally, just before serving, add some lime juice, zest, and chives.
  •   Clean the mushrooms, remove any irregularities, and cut the mushrooms into small cubes.
  •   Put the mushrooms and the remaining ingredients in an ovenproof bowl.
  •   Roast the mushrooms over an open fire on the WWOO Braaimaster.
  •   When fully cooked, set the mushrooms aside.
  •   Clean the leek (Don’t cut or peel the leek, and don’t use too much of the green).
  •   Roast the leek “caveman style” on the WWOO Braaimaster. Place the leek directly on the hot and glowing coals, until the leek is black of color and fully cooked. Set the leek aside to cool down.
  •   Carefully remove the outer layer of the leek, cut the white inside of the leek into pieces, and gently heat these in the beurre blanc!
  •   Roast the lightly salted and oiled sole fillets on the WWOO Braaimaster.
  •   Let them rest briefly and then gut the sole fillets. Serve with the mushroom leek.

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Serves 4 persons

Preparation: 30 minutes

Cook: 60 minutes

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