WWOO Sales Points

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These WWOO dealers are an agent for the entire country/area. They have several show models, access to local dealers and a production unit.

At a WWOO dealer you can discover the possibilities of a Concrete or Steel Outdoor Kitchen in a show garden.

A WWOO taste location is a hotspot (hotel, restaurant, etc) where you can taste, see and feel WWOO.

      WWOO is a unique modular outdoor kitchen with a patented design by Dutch designer Piet-jan van den Kommer. He wanted to create a low-maintenance outdoor kitchen that can be outside 365 days a year, no matter what the weather is like. The outdoor kitchen had to be more than just a place to cook, though. Because there was something else Piet-Jan wanted: to turn the standard boundary fence we see in gardens into a more multifunctional object. Combining the two ideas together, was how the invention of the WWOO (Wall With Other Objects) came about.