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WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
WWOO Outdoor Kitchens

WWOO © Maintenance Kit

The WWOO maintenance kit cleans the WWOO outdoor kitchen, making the surface look clean again. It removes green deposits from the surface.

 74,95 VAT included

WWOO © Maintenance Kit

The WWOO maintenance kit cleans the WWOO outdoor kitchen, making the surface look clean again. It removes, for example, green deposits from the surface. The product is biodegradable.

1x Power Gel
1x Spray Cleaner
1x Hand Pad Holder
1x super Toad Green
1x Fleece Pad
1x Brush 50mm
2x Easy pad
Power-Gel cleans the WWOO kitchen, this ensures that the surface looks clean and like new again. It removes, for example, green deposits from the surface. Furthermore, the product is biodegradable.

Use Power Gel
1. Clean and dry the surface.
2. Apply the Power-Gel to the kitchen (approx. 100 ml per m2).
3. After the exposure time (minimum 20 minutes), remove the excess Power-Gel with the Hand Pad holder plus green superpad.
4. The second layer can be applied after approx. 48 hours, the excess product must also be removed after the exposure time.

Spray cleaner outside
The Spray Cleaner is ideal for cleaning WWOO kitchens. The Spray-Cleaner is a maintenance and cleaning agent for treating and cleaning kitchens. The product is very easy to use due to the spray head on the Spray-Cleaner, which makes it easy to distribute the product over the surface. It cleans without damaging the surface. The Spray Cleaner is easy to use and has an effective cleaning. It is easy to clean the kitchen quickly and properly after use, for example.

Using Spray Cleaner
1. Remove all coarse dirt from the surface.
2. Spray the Spray Cleaner on the surface.
3. Clean and dry the surface with a fleece pad.

Get more out of your Big Green Egg with our range of accessories. What are your wishes? Which products are on your wishlist? Discover which accessories suit your model, how to get the best out of the ingredients and how to increase the possibilities of your EGG.

There are plenty of options to complete your Big Green Egg and WWOO outdoor kitchen: a sink, wooden storage boxes, wooden cutting boards… the choice is yours! Design and collecet your ultimate outdoor kitchen essentials based on your garden, needs and budget.

What’s a WWOO
WWOO is the multifunctional modular outdoor kitchen that fits into any garden. The patent design makes WWOO the ultimate outdoor kitchen, which you find in gardens all over the world. Design the WWOO as a free-standing outdoor kitchen, incorporate the WWOO in your boundary, outdoor spa or create the ultimate outdoor lounge under your porch. WWOO is the unique, stylish and low-maintenance outdoor kitchen solution to enjoy your garden 365 days a year.

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