BBQ Experience Center België

A mustsee WWOO dealer: the BBQ Experience Center has an inspiring showroom! They give advice through online channels, helping you decide which BBQ or outdoor kitchen suits you. The type, size, and brand. What do you ultimately want to use it for and what meals do you want to prepare?

Thanks to their years of experience and vast assortment, they can tell you all about the differences between the BBQ’s. Of course, the same goes for the accessories: what do you need, and which brand do you want?

Giving advice is in their DNA. They prefer to give you face to face advice in their showroom or a during workshops, but it can also be done remotely via one of their many live streams. They are also happy to answer you by mail, chat, or telephone.

When it concerns kitchen aids, they give advice on which accessories are useful for which type of BBQ. In addition, they write many recipes, informative articles, and articles with tips and tricks. These can be found on their website, social media and in the newsletter. They even write books and develop (co-)tastemakers. Check out the new products.

You can attend workshops at the BBQ Experience Center. As a beginner (maybe even before purchasing a BBQ), but also when you already have some experience. The workshops are designed for knowledge sharing, not as a sales pitch. You’ll start with preparing 4 or 5 meals under professional supervision. You’ll be introduced to cooking techniques on the BBQ.

Look forward to cooking workshops with innovative techniques, recipes, and the coolest subjects. From meat, fish, street food, and Asian to masterclasses at a star level. They work with ingredients of the best quality. During a master class, they use raw products as much as possible. You’ll fillet a fish, work with lobsters that are still alive, and prepare sausages yourself. During the game masterclass, you will even debone meat!

Get ready to welcome the WWOO in your garden: meet WWOO at BBQ Experience Center

BBQ Experience Center België
Pastorijstraat 7
Herent 3020