WWOO Israel

WWOO Israel / MY OUTDOORS‘ outdoor kitchen is perfect for outdoor hospitality, relaxation, natural and cheerfulness. It derives its function from the concept – “everything is open”.

At WWOO Israel / MY OUTDOORS we have chosen to bring joy out as a routine. Refresh and renew the local traditions and culture of the outdoors that have been here from time immemorial. While you adapt to the Mediterranean climate. We chose to make the experience effortless, even on a home scale.

Outdoor kitchens from the Dutch brand WWOO were chosen as the perfect anchor for the realization of the idea. The WWOO outdoor kitchen is based on a modular concept. It perfectly outlines the outdoor space for location and needs. The kitchen is made of concrete elements, on which the patent is registered. The elements are strung on the concrete pillars like Lego blocks. The choice of the length, height and type of functions of the kitchen is your personal choice. The basic unit of 1.5 meters in length is the special code for the product.

About us

We love food, we love nature and we love people. The hospitality becomes a “together” experience. The hosts and guests participate in the preparations and enjoy the creative process.

The magic is created instantly. “Everything is open”, that’s the gist.

Starting with the modular selection and customization with multiple options. Whatever you want to create, high, low, long or short. The kitchen complex is visible, aesthetic and inviting.

Our source of inspiration stems from the desire to develop knowledge, equipment and guidance. By incorporating the kitchen into your daily routine. We help you choose the size and location of the kitchen. But we also guide you in choosing the outdoor cooking facilities that suit you and the kitchen. We offer you from combustible materials, lighting techniques to cooking and serving tools that are suitable for storage and outdoor work. Planning work processes that use the heat source in facilities to realize total hospitality.

We are happy to share with you. Let you develop and realize the possibilities inherent in the world of the outdoors.

WWOO Israel
Hasdera 11
Kfar Hess 40692