NEW WANNAHAVE: WWOO Outdoor Lighting

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen is working hard on a new product line to give your WWOO a finishing touch… Yes, you see that correctly. WWOO is working on a outdoor lighting line! What’s more convenient than beautiful lighting which matches your WWOO, and is a indispensable tool for outdoor cooking and living? Besides, this lighting will ensure you for an even more cozy ambiance in your garden.

We’re keep on developing and designing this product line, so it’s possible for you to use this perfect accessoire as soon as possible. Stay tuned for this Wannahave!

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

WWOO is an ultra strong outdoor kitchen with a modern design, made of indestructible concrete. The possibilities are endless: all heat and cooking sources which WWOO offers you are all integrated in the outdoor kitchen itself.


Look at all the design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO Kitchen in your garden in a virtual way with our skillful app. Or request a personal design directly via / +44 (0)1727 865 893