Create your customized outdoor spa with WWOO

A tailor-made outdoor spa in your own garden? Why not?!

If you are wondering what a WWOO outdoor spa may look like, take a look at our spa lookbook.

WWOO Support

Not sure what your ideal WWOO outdoor spa looks like? Please contact us and let us help you get the most out of your garden.
Some questions you can ask yourself in advance:
-Decide how many 1.5 m wide segments your ideal setup contains.
-How many shelves do you need?
-Would you like your spa to be installed by our installation team?

WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Ron Blaauw | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO collection 2019 | WWOO outdoor kitchen
Sprouts, bacon and Messeklever cheese | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen