The WWOO family is getting bigger and bigger!

The WWOO family is getting bigger and bigger!

From the 15th October 2016 it was official! WWOO England was a fact! Piet-Jan and Martijn, representing WWOO worldwide flew over to England to sign, with the British licensees, and of course to celebrate!

From now on, it’s possible to order your WWOO in the United Kingdom. Want to know who to contact?


Unit 7 Enterprise Centre Long Spring
St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 6EB
United Kingdom


Simon Hawkins, director WWOO UK
Office:  +44 (0)1582 621 261

Mobile: +44 (0)7855 747 373

VAT No. 152358221
Company registration number 08299735

WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Ron Blaauw | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO collection 2019 | WWOO outdoor kitchen
Sprouts, bacon and Messeklever cheese | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen