Ron’s Recipe #03 Grilled asparagus

WWOO inside tips for outdoor chefs by Ron Blaauw

Every month a new recipe. In the month of July we share Ron’s Recipe #03 Grilled Asparagus. All videos from Ron’s Recipes can be found on our WWOOtube channel. Together with top chef Ron Blaauw, we travel through the country to prepare the most delicious recipes at your home. Last month we shared recipe #02: Beets with burrata. Curious about recipe #04 of next month? Sign up and receive new Ron’s Recipes as one of the first in your inbox with inside tips for outdoor chefs. This month recipe #03: Grilled Asparagus.


Download the full recipe here! And do not forget to sign up so that you will receive Ron’s new recipe for the next month as one of the first. Recipe #04 of next month: Strawberry gazpacho

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