WWOO Outdoor kitchen

Created by designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer; WWOO is the outdoor kitchen, spa or boundary. A WWOO is virtually maintenance-free and affordable. Options include high or low wall, in light or dark grey. The personalized outdoor kitchen comprises of various kinds of components, which will give you the freedom to incorporate your own ideas. WWOO can also be accessorized. With a Big Green Egg, stainless steel sink, integrated steel fireplace, South African braai, rugged wood storage crates and olive-wood cutting boards. Most of the products and accessories have been designed exclusively for WWOO – and are only available at WWOO is also available from dealers and agents in Germany, Israel, the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and in Texas in the United States of America. See our locations for various WWOO show locations, agents and dealers.

More than just an outdoor kitchen

With WWOO, you can build a fence with your neighbors, divide your garden and patio – or extend your living room. Anything is possible. For inspiration, see our portfolio. To make WWOOing even easier, you can free download the WWOO app, so you can position WWOO on your patio or in your garden using the proper scale. Then you’ll quickly be able to decide where to have those nice nibbles and where you’ll be shaking cocktails.

Create your WWOO

Create your own unique trendy and timeless outdoor kitchen, with elements that meet your personal need, taste and budget. WWOO is available from € 1.126,=. Pricing your WWOO is easy. Just pick the basics elements, choose your accessoiries – then see the total cost. The standard WWOO comes in light grey. An anthracite version is available for an additional 15% fee. All prices are excluding installation costs, transportation costs and accessories. Price changes reserved. If you need help, or a free personal design, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Dutch design

Piet- Jan van den Kommer’s designs are known for the use of user-friendly and natural materials. Martijn Vree is the driving force of WWOO and realizes, together with the customer and his placement team, the coolest designs in every garden or opportunity.