HOW TO: Do’s to make your garden look bigger

WWOO outdoor kitchen betonnen buitenkeuken

Do you want to discuss the possibilities with WWOO to make your garden appear bigger using a WWOO outdoor kitchen? Contact us!

How can you make optimal use of the space in your garden?

  • Ensure tranquility and simplicity, an ordered garden appears larger.
  • Don’t use too many different materials – this can make your garden look disordered.
  • Don’t use too  many different colours, this can create a chaotic effect.
  • Plant plants of the same colour next to each other and repeat those colour tones in different aspects of your garden.

Useful storage areas to help keep your garden tidy

  • A place where you can store your tools and planting equipment
  • A place where you can keep your rain boots
  • Somewhere to hide your bins
  • A place where you can store your barbecue when you don’t use it
  • A place where you can prepare your food

Check our lookbook for different pictures of a WWOO outdoor kitchen.

The good thing is that you don’t need a big garden to have a WWOO kitchen. Create your own set-up – 1.35m high, 1.65m high or 2.0m high? It’s up to you. Additionally, you can decide how wide you want your outdoor kitchen. One segment is 1.5m wide, and you can have as many as you would like. Do you want to integrate a Big Green Egg? No problem. Do you want to add a stainless steel sink? No problem. Team WWOO is happy to help to create your ideal WWOO set-up.

How can you make maximum use of the space in your garden?  Check out our lookbook for different pictures of a WWOO outdoor kitchen.

WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen
Ron Blaauw | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO collection 2019 | WWOO outdoor kitchen
Sprouts, bacon and Messeklever cheese | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen
WWOO betonnen buitenkeuken | WWOO Outdoor Kitchen