How can you make maximum use of the surface of your garden?

  • Provide peace and simplicity, an orderly garden seems larger.
  • Do not use too many different materials, that will look restless.
  • Also do not use too many different colors, this can create a chaotic effect.
  • Plant plants in the same color next to each other and let these color shades come back more often.

What are the functionality you want to see in your garden

  • Cleaning up the stuff you repot the plants with;
  • The place where you store your wellies;
  • The place where you can hide your roll containers;
  • A place where you can store your barbecue;
  • A place where you can prepare your food.

Check out several photos of a WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen in the lookbook. The great thing is that anything is possible. Do you make your setup 1.35 meters high, 1.65 meters high, or 2 meters high? The choice is yours. You can also decide for yourself how wide you want your concrete outdoor kitchen. A segment is 1.5 meters wide and is available in different versions. Do you want to use a Big Green Egg in it? No problem. Would you like to have a stainless steel sink integrated into your concrete outdoor kitchen? No problem! The possibilities with a WWOO concrete outdoor kitchen are endless. And the WWOO team is happy to help you put together your ideal concrete outdoor kitchen.

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Would you like to discuss the possibilities with WWOO to make your garden look bigger with the help of a concrete outdoor kitchen? Contact us!

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