WWOO Garden Design Basics

Now we’re done with all the holiday celebrations, we dream about all our plans for 2019. Traveling and renovating the house and garden are on many people’s wishlists. Get to work to create your dream garden with these suggestions:

The coming time, WWOO Outdoor Kitchen will answer all your questions about the modular possibilities of the WWOO system. WWOO is more than an outdoor kitchen only… Create a lounge or spa place for instance. Or let your WWOO be an outdoor kitchen and fence in one. It’s multifunctional!

To make it easy for you, WWOO summed up a few tips how you can create your dream garden yourself:

Tip 1: WWOO Lounge

Besides a kitchen counter, it’s also possible to create a ‘lounge couch’ due to the modular system of WWOO Outdoor Kitchen. Simply to lower this kitchen counter to seat height. Lounging while others are cooking next to you, or relaxing next to a lovely and warm fireplace never have been easier.

Tip 2: Spa Experience

Do you wanna relax outside instead of inside only? Create a spa place in your garden by placing a WWOO shower. It’s connectable to both cold and warm water, so you can enjoy your shower all year long.

Tip 3: Fence

Of course, it’s possible to place your outdoor kitchen as a detached object. But for a real multifunctional design, choose a higher model and use the outdoor kitchen as a fence. In that way, a WWOO Outdoor Kitchen fits in every type of garden and everyone can take advantage of the ease of use, design and comfort of WWOO.

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen

WWOO is an ultra strong outdoor kitchen with a modern design, made of indestructible concrete. The possibilities are endless: all heat and cooking sources which WWOO offers you are all integrated in the outdoor kitchen itself.


Look at all the design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO Kitchen in your garden in a virtual way with our skillful app. Or request a personal design directly via info@wwoo.co.uk / +44 (0)1727 865 893