WWOO Garden Design Basics

With the holidays behind us, we dream about our plans for 2019. Traveling, renovating the house and tackling the garden are on many people’s wish list. With these tips you can now start designing your dream garden yourself:

WWOO Outdoor Kitchen will answer all your questions about the modular possibilities of the WWOO system in the near future. WWOO is not just an outdoor kitchen… Create a lounge or spa area, for example. Or have your WWOO outdoor kitchen run through a neighbour’s boundary. So multifunctional!

To make it easy for you, WWOO has listed a number of tips for you on how you can get started and design your dream garden in this way:

Tip 1: WWOO Lounge

Thanks to the modular system of WWOO Outdoor Kitchen, you can also create a lounge sofa in addition to a kitchen worktop, simply by lowering it to seat height. Lounging while cooking is next to you, or relaxing next to a lovely warm fireplace has never been so easy.

Tip 2: Spa Experience

Do you want to be able to relax not only inside, but also outside? Create a spa spot in your garden by installing a WWOO shower. Can be connected to both cold and hot water, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Tip 3: Fence

Of course, an outdoor kitchen can be placed separately in your garden, but if you really want a multifunctional design, choose a high model and use the kitchen as a boundary/fence. In this way, a WWOO Outdoor Kitchen fits into any type of garden and everyone can enjoy the convenience, design and comfort of WWOO.

WWOO outdoor kitchen

WWOO is the outdoor kitchen, spa or fencing of today. A WWOO is virtually maintenance-free and available in light gray or anthracite concrete. With three different heights and any length you want, there are countless build variations, making WWOO fit in almost any setting. Check out our lookbook for inspiration with our many examples.


View all design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO virtually in your garden with our handy WWOO app. Or request a personal design directly via contact@wwoo.nl/ +31 (0)85 4896262.