Fonteyn Outdoor Living Mall

Letting everyone enjoy the outdoors more, that is what we at Fonteyn strive for every day. We achieve this by offering you the largest range of outdoor items in Europe. This range focuses on seven specialties: garden furniture, verandas, spas, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, saunas and garden houses. This complete range is displayed in our attractive showroom of no less than 35,000 m2. The articles are also played in an attractive garden setting, so that you can gain as much inspiration as possible for your own garden.

Thanks to our wide range, we have a suitable product for every wish and wallet. Our even experts as financial advisors are happy to help you find this product. They provide knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are always original. Whatever you purchase from us, you can always rely on its sustainable quality, we only work with the materials and the latest techniques.

At Fonteyn you can count on excellent service, both before and after purchase. Our complete range is located in our huge storage cellar of up to 60,000 m3, so that you will never go wrong. If you need a part again years later, you will often have it at home the next day, so that you can fully enjoy your investment.

Fonteyn Outdoor Living Mall
Meervelderweg 52
Uddel 3888 NK