Meker tuinen

People who approach them want a ‘Meker Garden’. That says it all. Over the past 30 years, Meker Tuinen has become a household name, a brand.

Located in Nijkerkerveen, close to Amersfoort but the home port of Meker is Het Gooi. After all, this is also where the gardening business originated.

The working area has now expanded and they have been able to create many beautiful gardens throughout the Netherlands and even abroad. From constructing an entire island in Loosdrecht to a small city garden in the heart of Amsterdam, from a park garden in Frankfurt to a rough terrain estate in Sweden.

Let them not hide our pride; Meker Tuinen is a well-oiled machine that runs like a train. With a fantastic team with which they have all the expertise in-house, but they can also be proud of their happy customers, right? And sometimes they can’t resist sharing their pride on social media with a #wzmwzdb or ‘we are meker, we are the best’. Because it’s possible.

Be welcome at all times, Meker Tuinen is more than happy to assist you.

Meker tuinen
Domstraat 20a
Nijkerkerveen 3864 PP