Organic Bergen

Organic Bergen welcomes you to the Burgundian countryside shop. The store is located in the middle of nature!

What perhaps not everyone knows is the special place where the shop is housed. It is outside the village and in the middle of the fields. Here you will find a beautiful backyard where you can sit when the weather is nice. With coffee from Vascobelo or a cup of tea with something sweet or savory.

There are weekly tastings or the BBQ is started in the outdoor kitchen of WWOO. Here, various dishes are prepared and the customer is introduced to the tastiest wines. Organic has everything in the field of healthy and tasty food. For example, there is bread baked in the evening from the Vlaamsch Broodhuys and a wide range of domestic and foreign cheeses, but also Brandt & Levi meat products from Amsterdam, local fresh products and special specialties. There is also olive oil on tap, top quality organic meat and chicken and smoked fish from Frank’s Smokehouse. There is too much to mention. You will also find daily products. From peanut butter and dish soap to vitamins and natural cosmetics!

In addition to our store full of delicious products, Organic Bergen sells more than 600 top quality organic, biodynamic, natural or vegan wines online! The great wine journalists in the Netherlands love our wines. They often give us the best reviews!

At Organic Bergen we are very proud of our colleague Esther, in addition to her work in the kitchen, she bakes the most delicious cakes and pastries in her own mini bakery every week. These delicious delicacies are available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and gone.

Esther speaks

In May 2019 I started as a test with a cake on Friday in the pastry cooling of Organic, this quickly received a lot of positive reactions and this left me wanting more. I got the book ‘Sweet’ from Ottolenhi as a gift and then the gates were off. My family couldn’t handle the amount of cakes at home anymore, so my goal became to make the customers of our store happy with more choice in really tasty cakes, I can now say that I have achieved that goal! I now make four variations in pastries every week, half of which are always vegan, gluten or sugar-free. Every Friday I make the butter cake in the store, it smells so good in the store.

Organic Bergen
Nesdijk 20B
Bergen 1861MK