WWOO CELEBRATES WITH YOU: Wannahaves for under the Christmas tree

Finally the time has come… The holidays are approaching! And we at WWOO Outdoor Kitchen are of course celebrating with you. That is why we have selected the wanna haves for you from our webshop that should not be missing as gifts under the Christmas tree. Because Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be celebrated outside with a WWOO in your garden.

The almost indestructible WWOO outdoor kitchen ensures that it is still possible to cook outside during the holidays in December. This is all due to the tough character of the WWOO outdoor kitchen, which can withstand any type of weather. The outdoor kitchens are made of reinforced concrete, which is known for its long life. But of course there is more… Besides our two best-selling kitchens, we from WWOO also have the perfect wannahaves in our webshop to make your Christmas and New Year’s Eve a lot easier.

relaxed holidays

Of course everyone wants their delicious Christmas recipes to be appreciated. Keeping track of the steps of your dish is then essential. This cannot go wrong with the Device holder from WWOO. Thanks to the special cut-out in the concrete for this handy tool, you have plenty of space for cooking, but still have your recipe close at hand.

In addition, you naturally want to get your WWOO Braaimaster or Big Green Egg working as quickly as possible so that you can actually start preparing these delicious recipes. Our Looftlighter will help you with this. This handy tool ensures that you can light your WWOO Braaimaster or Big Green Egg in no time.

Atmospheric light should certainly not be missing in your WWOO Outdoor Kitchen. WWOO is a dealer of the cozy Fatboy light that you can set to the light intensity you want. Creates atmosphere and at the same time you and your guests see what beautiful party recipes you are preparing. Finally, we will soon also be launching our own light line. A great prospect for 2019 so… Stay tuned!

Last but not least

This multifunctional Booze & Bites board will make it even easier for you this holiday season. We’ve introduced it before, but now it really can’t be missing from your WWOO collection. This way you can enjoy with a snack & drink (literally) at hand, without having to get up for it. Organizing a cozy ‘get together’ during the holidays has never been so easy. WWOO wishes you a relaxed Christmas and a happy New Years!

WWOO outdoor kitchen

WWOO is the outdoor kitchen, spa or fencing of today. A WWOO is virtually maintenance-free and available in light gray or anthracite concrete. With three different heights and any length you want, there are countless build variations, making WWOO fit in almost any setting. Check out our lookbook for inspiration with our many examples.


View all design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO virtually in your garden with our handy WWOO app. Or request a personal design directly via contact@wwoo.nl/ +31 (0)85 4896262.