Every superdad deserves to feel special on Father’s day! With what do you make your dad happy?

To give you a little help, we described every ‘type’ of father for you, and which gifts he likes the most. Find inspiration and create your own unique and personal gift for a memorable Father’s Day!

  1. The Burgundian 
    He loves to be taken care of and likes to eat delicious and unusual dishes prepared by a chef. He also like a glass of wine or beer.. Does this sounds like your father? Surprise him by giving him a ticket for the WWOO Experience with Organic food for you!
  2. The Clumsy
    Isn’t your dad always the most convenient? Does he now and then drop something, hits his head or almost set things on fire?  Then you’ve got a clumsy dad.. Would you like to reduce the risk? Give him a helping hand by buying a Safe-T fire extinguisher.
  3. The Cavemen
    Do you have a real outdoor loving father? Does he like to light the campfire? Make outdoors more comfortable for him with his own Burnwise. Then it’s possible for him to make fire with dried organic waste and cook with it! But watch out.. If he’s a bit clumsy sometimes you might want to combine it with the present above..
  4. The Romanticist
    Does your dad likes cosiness, candles and romanticism? The Edison The Petit from Fatboy is a unique kind of cosy lamp.. It’s rechargeable and portable.. Allowing the lamp to be used for both indoor and outdoor!
  5. The Tough Cook
    Is your dad a tough guy, likes cooking, and a star at making a mess of his clothing while cooking? Save him and his clothes from the chaos and provide him of some leather, stylish protection. One of our latest products is the leather WWOO cooking Apron!
  6. The Artistic
    Does your father always like your artworks? In case you don’t have much budget for this years Father’s Day, we’ve got the perfect solution. If your able to print and able to access your creative mind, you’re done! Print out our WWOO coloring page and start drawing!WWOO outdoor kitchen kleurplaat vaderdag father's day tips