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WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
WWOO Outdoor Kitchens


The Big Green Egg Large is the most popular model in the Big Green Egg family.


 2.650,00 VAT included


Do you have a large family and/or group of friends? Or do you cook professionally, for example as a caterer for large groups? Then the Big Green Egg XLarge is your partner in crime. This multitasker has a grid that is more than 1/3rd larger than that of the Large. This allows large groups to enjoy tastefully cooked ingredients and dishes at the same time. With a cooking surface of 61 centimeters, large pieces of meat, fish or several pizzas are no longer fantasy but reality.

Get more out of your Big Green Egg with our range of accessories. What are your wishes? Which products are on your wishlist? Discover which accessories suit your model, how to get the best out of the ingredients and how to increase the possibilities of your EGG.

And is 61 centimeters just not enough? Then expand the cooking surface with the special 2 Level Cooking Grid available for the XLarge and cook at a high level. And do you give the XLarge side tables (EGG Mates)? Then you also have extra work space next to your EGG, for example for tools and/or ingredients. But installing the Big Green Egg XLarge in an (acacia) table or outdoor kitchen is also possible!

There are plenty of options to complete your Big Green Egg and WWOO outdoor kitchen: a sink, wooden storage boxes, wooden cutting boards… the choice is yours! Design and collecet your ultimate outdoor kitchen essentials based on your garden, needs and budget.

61 cm
2919 cm²
99 kg
78 cm


WWOO is the multifunctional modular outdoor kitchen that fits into any garden. The patent design makes WWOO the ultimate outdoor kitchen, which you find in gardens all over the world. Design the WWOO as a free-standing outdoor kitchen, incorporate the WWOO in your boundary, outdoor spa or create the ultimate outdoor lounge under your porch. WWOO is the unique, stylish and low-maintenance outdoor kitchen solution to enjoy your garden 365 days a year.


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  • Billy_bar_grid_cleaner

    EGGing is tasty, but it also entails caked-on fat and burnt residues on the grid of your Big Green Egg. You can quickly and easily scrape your grid clean with this BILLY BAR GRID CLEANER.

     51,00 VAT included

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  • Big_green_egg_minimax_incl_carrier

    Its size may not be impressive, but the BIG GREEN EGG MINIMAX INCLUDING CARRIER more than makes up for that with its performance. The MiniMax is the newest member of the Big Green Egg family and the most compact model we have.

     1.131,00 VAT included

  • This cast iron grid S MX ensures perfectly seared meat so that the juices are better preserved. Have you signed your dish? Just serve.

     79,95 VAT included

Build your Custom Concrete Outdoor WWOO Kitchen and check the price!

The only original patented WWOO Concrete Outdoor Kitchen. Why would you settle for less? Explore the details and build your own online!

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Check out these brand new WWOO Steel Outdoor Kitchens! Easy to transport and set-up in three cool colors.

Shop the original WWOO Accessoires

Shop all the original WWOO Accessoires for your WWOO Outdoor Kitchen.

WWOO is Premium Big Green Egg Dealer

WWOO is Premium Big Green Egg Dealer. Both online and offline we have all Big Green Eggs available for you.

Shop the original WWOO Accessoires

Spoil your Big Green Egg with original Accessoires. Your guests will appreciate it!

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Shared dining all year round. Check the upcoming WWOO events.



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