Comfort trade

Comfort Trade fell under the spell of the braai years ago. Our painstaking search for the perfect South African braai led us to the Home Fires company. We’ve now been the European importer of these traditional South African braais since 2001. Our close cooperation with Home Fires has led to a braai that is attuned even better to European standards. This lets Comfort Trade provide the perfect braai experience outside South Africa.

There’s no such thing as a braai without a good fire. It’s only a wood fire that lets you make your own embers. This does place very high demands on the material. That’s why by default, our braais are manufactured from thick steel. Even the ember maker, the heart of the braai, has an insulated backing. The braai is fitted with a heat shield on the back because of the high temperatures generated during braaiing. And all dishes, whether meat, fish or vegetables, achieve their best on the heavy stainless-steel grids or other braai accessories provided, because braai cooking temperatures are so high.

Think of a braai and you may well envisage huge slabs of meat or lengths of ‘boerewors’ sausage. Nothing wrong with that. But there are so many more ways to prepare the tastiest dishes on your braai. How about juicy burgers or butter-soft fish? Another original option is chicken or pineapple on a spit, a delicious stew or roasted corn. Don’t forget a bread or dough ‘grillcake’, or to grill vegetables, or to prepare (sweet) potatoes as a side dish. Whatever recipe you have in mind, whether basic or super refined, you can make it on your braai.

Comfort trade
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