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WWOO Outdoor Kitchens
WWOO Outdoor Kitchens

Garden Concepts

Garden Concepts first listens to your needs. Then to get started. How do you live, live and work? Do you have green fingers or not? Are there (grand) children around?

The starting point is always different, the ending point the same. a natural garden that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Our team possesses a combination of creativity, craftsmanship and attention to ecology. They turn every idea into a detailed garden creation that suits you. Even when it’s pricey.

Garden Concepts arose from the need to garden in an innovative way. A garden that changes every month, just like nature, an everlasting story. In Japan people speak of 40% birth and 60% fostering. After all, the story does not end after the implementation of a new design, this is only the starting point.

This makes you think about the classic way of gardening. Attention to ecology and symbiosis between the resident and his environment are central to us.

Our approach involves absorbing the environment. A thorough analysis of the site and the processes present in order to be able to work with nature instead of. against it.

To substantiate my vision, I can fall back on an international network of specialists and training courses.

Garden Concepts
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