Garden Concepts

Garden Concepts founded from the need to garden in an innovative way. A garden that changes every month, just like nature, an everlasting story. In Japan they speak of 40% birth and 60% fostering. After all, the story does not end after the implementation of a new design, this is only the starting point.

This makes you think about the classic way of gardening. Attention to ecology and symbiosis between the resident and his environment are central to us.


In addition to all other outdoor kitchens WWOO fits in every garden, it is extremely strong and maintenance-free. Our strength? The simplicity of a well-thought-out ‘floating’ design with 1001 design options to suit your needs and budget.

The possibilities of WWOO are endless. By putting together the different segments and elements, you can create your ultimate outdoor kitchen, spa or boundary. The segments determine the size of your WWOO. With the elements you can choose the number of shelves, lounge, shower and/or openings for BBQ, sink, etc. Is your dream kitchen not yet listed? We are happy to create a custom design together with our designer.

A WWOO is maintenance-free and available in light gray or anthracite concrete. With three different heights and any length you want, different construction variations are possible.

Feel a WWOO? You are welcome! Garden Concepts has 2 models in our garden. A light gray with a specially designed element for a wood-fired pizza oven and a high, anthracite model with aluminum sink.

Garden Concepts
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