Groen Imago

There are plenty of gardeners. But you don’t want just any gardener. You want a gardener that suits you. It realizes what is in your head. And that creates exactly that green project that you can enjoy every day. One that fits seamlessly into your life or your business. If that is what you are looking for, then Groen Imago is the landscaper for you. No design is the same with us. There is no such thing as a typical Groen imago design. A design that is typical of you. We always make a green design that suits your taste, lifestyle and wishes. That makes us the green specialist.

We do green

We are not just any landscaping company. We go further than that. As a green specialist, all your green projects are in good hands with us. From beautiful house plants to a beautiful garden design. And from a green roof to a vertical garden in the house. We do green. In every sense of the word. With our expert view and years of experience, we are happy to take on your green projects for you. As soon as we get the green light from you, we will get to work immediately.

About us

The faces behind Groen Imago? That is us: Martien and Annemien Lek, together with our expert team. Since 2011, we have been working enthusiastically on beautiful green projects. But our history actually goes back many years. Martien was even born with green genes. His grandfather and father ran a family business in the breeding of carnations. He has therefore been involved in and helping out at nurseries from an early age. He also worked for a trendsetting wholesaler for interior landscaping for 10 years.

For years, Martien has been a personal green coach for many friends and acquaintances. There is never a lack of creative and inspiring ideas. He has since turned green advice into his work as a green specialist. So many years already! Via Groen Imago he gives you advice about your green projects. Then, together with the team, roll up their sleeves and make the plant plans come true.

Groen Imago
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