Restaurant Natuurlijk

Restaurant Natuurlijk opened in April 2011 on the edge of the dunes in Egmond aan Zee. You can count on a hospitable welcome in a homely atmosphere. Both in their restaurant and on the sunny south-facing terrace where you can find the WWOO outdoor kitchen. Restaurant Natuurlijk think it is important to offer you a pleasant experience.

On the lunch and dinner menu you will find dishes that are prepared as much as possible with sustainable, organic and regional products. Also for a cup of coffee or a drink you are at the right place at Restaurant Naturally.

At Natuurlijk they are always looking for the best and fairest products. Dishes on the menu are chosen based on the season. These dishes are mainly used from traditional products from suppliers from North Holland. Sustainable, fair and as organic as possible.

Dairy, bread and vegetables

The organic dairy that is used at Natural comes from cattle that have been out in the open a lot. This is dairy as nature intended it to be. This also applies to the bread they serve. Sustainability is a top priority for their bakers. The organic, authentic, pure and responsibly produced bread is above all very tasty. The vegetables are obtained from horticulturists in the region and from the vegetable gardens in the Noordhollands Dune Reserve. Straight from the country to your plate!

Fish, chicken and (vegetarian) meat

At Natuurlijk they work with the Viswijzer. This helps to purchase as much responsible and seasonally caught or farmed fish as possible. The chicken of Natuurlijk is also organic. Chickens that are given the time to grow up, to roam around and to be active. The result is a natural product of firm meat with more flavour.

Natural’s beef is organic and comes from Ireland. The space that the cattle have on the vast Irish grasslands ensures that the beef is wonderfully tender and has a great taste. At Naturally you can also enjoy 100% vegetarian and vegan dishes. View our menu for all options or ask our employees.

Restaurant Natuurlijk
Doctor Wiardi Beckmanlaan 8
Egmond aan Zee 1931BW