Kamado Express/The Fire Station

Kamado Express / The Fire Station is run by the proud owner Kamiel. When there was a barbecue at home Kamiel was there as a little boy. He helped where he could. The passion for cooking on real fire was born.

In mid-2012 he got to know the ceramic BBQ. Since then Kamiel has become “addicted” to working with the ceramic BBQ and everything that comes with this wonderful form of outdoor cooking.

The orgin of kamado express
Kamiel found out that there was still a lot to gain and improve for the barbecue world “online”. Because he had been active for several years with my own online marketing agency, after some research, it quickly became clear to me that there was potential in this market. The Bastard needed a partner in the south of the Netherlands. And turning your hobby into a business appealed to Kamiel. So in June 2016 webshop “Kamado Express” went live.

BBQ shop & BBQ experience center the Fire Station
Kamado Express was a great success. But the most beautiful form of outdoor cooking deserved more than a small showroom in an anonymous office building. In September 2018, The Fire Station opened its doors in an old fire station.

See, feel, taste, experience
Those are exactly the words that describe the showroom well. A place where you are always welcome, even if you don’t want to buy anything but want to chat with like-minded people and exchange knowledge about BBQ, good food and cooking on a fire.

So take a look at Kamado Express / The Fire Station. You will have no regrets!

Kamado Express/The Fire Station
Anton Pieckplein 117a
Kaatsheuvel 5171 CV