Tuinen van Appeltern

De Tuinen van Appeltern is the garden inspiration park in the Netherlands. More than 200 different sample gardens on 20 hectares. Tuinen van Appeltern have devised most of the gardens themselves. There are also many gardens by well-known landscape architects and/or landscape architects. The gardens change every day. New gardens are constantly being created with new products and plants. The WWOO outdoor kitchen can be admired in one of the beautiful gardens at Appeltern

In the early eighties Ben van Ooijen started his own landscaping company in Appeltern, Van Ooijen’s Hoveniers. Unconsciously, it was precisely this activity that marked the beginning of De Tuinen van Appeltern. To facilitate the ‘selling’ of his work as a landscape gardener, a number of small model gardens were created. Gardens with masonry walls, a foil pond and also some perennial borders were created. Tuinen van Appeltern originated from this.

Green is the color of today and tomorrow. Green stands for plants, and for sustainability. A garden must therefore by definition be green. We are convinced that the garden will change the world if it is healthy, plant-rich and sustainable. A sufficiently green garden guarantees everyone garden happiness. In addition, we think and act green. In our own organization but also in collaboration with our partners. Our approach, expressions and concepts are green. We monitor the lower limits in the field of: sustainability and teach everyone how it can always be greener.

Just do it we think. That suits us best. We write and tell understandable stories. We monitor the human dimension in everything. Everyone needs our lessons and inspiration can move to their own environment. Our user options are accessible to everyone. Our language, in cooperation agreements and regulations, is not made more difficult than strictly necessary. We want to be a valuable discussion partner for everyone. We believe this is best done from a humble, humble attitude.

We want to stay ahead. We have to, to stay healthy for the future. Being creative is the most fun of all. At work, with practical problems, with company and personal wishes of employees. The accidental but also the well-considered creation is important for us, for our market but of course also for our partners. The most beautiful dreams become beautiful creations. It always has been and always will be.


Tuinen van Appeltern
Walstraat 2a
Appeltern 6629AD