WWOO Poland (Eko Jurty)

The yurt in Poland

WWOO Poland / Ekojurty is one of the first companies in Poland to adopt a solution that allows raising a yurt without central support pillars. Our system ensures excellent construction durability. At the same time, it guarantees an open yurt space.

We use the best ecological waterproof materials. These have excellent thermal insulation parameters with a strong emphasis on natural materials. Think of wood, canvas, wool and oil. In the yurts of WWOO Poland / Ekojurty we use specially designed wooden doors and windows. The exposure to light in the yurt improves and the ventilation of the yurt helps.

Yurt building process starts with rising special platform. That gives durability, a long life and also great insulation. Our system offers the possibility to join different yurts. Depending on needs, we can design the configuration of different yurts. Also the interior layout, for example wooden or clay floors, roof and wall wool insulation, heating stoves, mezzanines. We take responsibility for our construction works. That is why each construction is designed for the climatic conditions in your area.

Tradition and modernity

In times when man is getting further and further away from nature, every time he spends is a special and unique experience. Therefore, yurt is the ideal connection between the civilized world and nature.

Yurts have been extremely popular in North America and Western Europe for decades. In Poland, this is gaining an increasing circle of enthusiasts. The company has grown in a slow business idea. That is why they have put a lot of time, attention and effort into this project. Yurt is one of the most eco-friendly and nature-friendly solutions. It makes it easy and inescapable to create a safe and comfortable place on Earth.

Based on the geometry of the sacred wheel, yurt has the most natural shapes that exist in nature. The symmetrical round shape gives the construction sturdiness. It can withstand even the harshest climate conditions.

WWOO Poland (Eko Jurty)
ul. Pękowicka 77
Kraków, 31-262 Poland