Yay! It’s officially Spring again. That means the sun will be shining more often, and that automatically means the temperature’s about to rise again! Those two aspects will ensure you will be enjoying outdoor more than you already did.


What are the things you can do to prepare your WWOO for Spring and Summer? Read our 5 tips below;

  1. Clean your cooking territory

    It probably isn’t the most exciting part of the proces, but it do is important because it’s pleasant to work in a fresh looking kitchen! Luckily it’s not a very hard texture to clean. And… We got an excellent product to work with!
    The WWOO Cleanser 

    WWOO cleanser spring

  2. Add your flavourings

    We know.. There’s not much to add when we’re talking about the flavor the Green Egg creates, but a little extra culinary delight never hurt anybody. So, grab those attributions and show your guests what you’ve got!
    The flavorings
    Wwoo tips flavour

  3. Show your literature
    It’s effective to have your cooking literature close to you while preparing your food. It doesn’t matter when you need to peek a little. Besides the fact that it’s effective, it’s also a fact that those colors and fonts give the whole picture a cosy twist.

    Wwoo tips books spring
  4. Safety first!

    We believe that although safety comes first, design comes a close second. That’s why we like to show off our Safe T fire extinguishers. These exciting extinguishers put a fun and contemporary twist on practicality.
    Safe T
    WWOO Tips Safe T spring

  5. Last but not least….

    Almost the most important thing… Add your friends!! Because no great dinner ever took place all by yourself, right?

    WWOO tips friends spring