With a WWOO Outdoor Kitchen in your garden you will get through the winter! Yes, you heard right. Instead of indoors on the couch, spend the winter outside in nature. As designer and creator of the WWOO Piet-Jan van den Kommer says: ‘You can enjoy outdoors all year round’.

The fact that it is still possible to cook wonderfully outside in winter is all due to the indestructible WWOO outdoor kitchen, which can withstand any weather. This is because the outdoor kitchens are made of reinforced concrete, which is known for its long life. But there is more… WWOO also has the perfect accessories in their collection to make outdoor cooking enjoyable during the cold weather, and at the same time create a cozy, warm place.

Winter weather protection

And what is the best way to create such a nice, cozy place in your own garden? Right, a beautiful canopy from WWOO, made to protect everyone from the winter weather. But our WWOO Braaimaster should of course not be missing in this category and is a must to not only provide cosiness and warmth this winter, but also to prepare the tastiest dishes for you. And don’t worry: it is fully integrated into the WWOO Outdoor Kitchen and therefore fits into any garden.

Booze & bites board

To make it even easier for you, WWOO has an ultra handy booze & bites board in its collection. This way you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine and a snack (literally) at hand, without having to get up for it. Enjoying the outdoors has never been so easy. WWOO is always there for you. Bring on the winter cold!

WWOO outdoor kitchen

WWOO is the outdoor kitchen, spa or fencing of today. A WWOO is virtually maintenance-free and available in light gray or anthracite concrete. With three different heights and any length you want, there are countless build variations, making WWOO fit in almost any setting. Check out our lookbook for inspiration with our many examples.


View all design possibilities of the modular WWOO, place the WWOO virtually in your garden with our handy WWOO app. Or request a personal design directly via contact@wwoo.nl/ +31 (0)85 4896262.