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Burnwise model C van Fridael

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This wood gas stove is intended to set up a permanent outdoor kitchen in the way that adventurous outdoor cooking is intended.

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Burnwise model C van Fridael

Fire has fascinated us since the dawn of humanity. It has given man his development, his freedom and his happiness. Making a wood fire is and remains a favorite activity for many. The flames, the warmth and the energy continue to give a magical feeling. All these elements form the basis of the Burnwise model C van Fridael. Using a special technique, it obtains its fuel from wood and other organic material. This gives cooking an even greater sense of freedom.

Wood gas is gas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide, sometimes called syngas or biogas) that is extracted from wood or organic waste by means of
heating. This gas can be used as fuel for engines and burners. This wood-burning stove makes fire from fuels that can be found everywhere. You are free to cook for free or not. You are not dependent on gas bottles, electricity, coal or other fossil fuels. Because this stove uses its fuel economically, it is possible to get your own fuel from garden waste and other organic waste. By drying and storing the wood and waste, it can later be used as fuel. A garden can be set up in a simple way as a supplier of fuel for cooking.

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This wood gas stove is intended to set up a permanent outdoor kitchen in the way that adventurous outdoor cooking is intended. The living space of the house becomes larger because the outdoor and indoor life is connected.

Due to the construction, the wood is burned very efficiently. Up to 95% of the energy in wood is converted to heat by combustion. This stove is also many times more economical than a conventional wood fire, such as fire in a fireplace, outdoor stove, fire pit or campfire,

even much more economical than most conventional wood-burning stoves. Due to the special technology, hardly any smoke is released. In addition, the combustion residues can be used as fertilizer for the garden.

Wood as a fuel is seen as an environmentally friendly fuel. Wood is CO2 neutral. This means that wood absorbs the same amount of CO2 as it releases during the death of the plant or tree, both during combustion and during the rotting process. The gas that is extracted from wood is therefore also an environmentally friendly fuel that is used by this wood gas stove as fuel for cooking.

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The Burnwise model C van Fridael wood gas stove gives you the opportunity to work with wood fire in a controlled way, with all its fascination and magic

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