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WWOO Buitenkeukens


You can easily prepare all your favorite dishes and those of family and friends on the cooking surface of the Large.

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Get more out of your Big Green Egg with our range of accessories. What are your wishes? Which products are on your wishlist? Discover which accessories suit your model, how to get the best out of the ingredients and how to increase the possibilities of your EGG.

There are plenty of options to complete your Big Green Egg and WWOO outdoor kitchen: a sink, wooden storage boxes, wooden cutting boards… the choice is yours! Design and collecet your ultimate outdoor kitchen essentials based on your garden, needs and budget.

The Big Green Egg Large is the most popular model in the Big Green Egg family. You can easily prepare all your favorite dishes and those of family and friends on the cooking surface of the Large. At the same time if you have to, because on the Large you have enough space to cook for 8 people. With all that space, you can also easily prepare complete three-course menus on the Large. Build the Large into an (acacia) table or outdoor kitchen, or place the Large in an EGG Nest and Nest Handler to be able to move it easily and safely.

Do you want to get the most out of your EGG? Then the Large is also your perfect match, because it is the model for which the most accessories are available. And with that, the possibilities of this all-rounder are actually, the name says it all, Large. You will naturally come up with a reason for a spontaneous Big Green Egg party!

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