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This technical device checks and monitors the temperature of your EGG and transmits it to your smartphone or tablet. This way you can binge watch on cold winter days while you are slow cooking down to the degree. The EGG GENIUS TEMPRATURE CONTROL provides a constant airflow so that you continue to cook at a constant temperature.

The reviews make us blush. But let’s be honest, the EGG Genius more than lives up to its name. If the temperature in your EGG is too high or too low, you will receive a message. Just like when you can sit at the table. You can even view the statistics of your previous EGG sessions. Of course, the EGG Genius is easy to install and you can download the app in the App Store or via the Google Play Store. And who gets the credit for the perfect result? You.


What’s a WWOO?
WWOO is the multifunctional modular outdoor kitchen that fits into any garden. The patent design makes WWOO the ultimate outdoor kitchen, which you find in gardens all over the world. Design the WWOO as a free-standing outdoor kitchen, incorporate the WWOO in your boundary, outdoor spa or create the ultimate outdoor lounge under your porch. WWOO is the unique, stylish and low-maintenance outdoor kitchen solution to enjoy your garden 365 days a year.

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    Extensively tested by Big Green Egg chefs. This premium range of 100% natural Wood Chunks is perfect for smoking and will continue to add a delightful aroma and rich flavour for quite some time.

    Mesquite will give steaks and pork chops a spicy and piquant aroma.

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  • Dit schort is gemaakt van stevig gewaxt canvas dat er niet alleen goed uitziet, maar je ook veel bewegingsvrijheid geeft. De details zoals de leren band, het EGG embleem en de stalen EGG pin maken het helemaal af.

     59,00 Inclusief BTW

  • Het Big Green Egg Nest S is gemaakt van gepoedercoat staal en met de 4 stevige zwenkwielen verplaats je je EGG gemakkelijk.

     221,00 Inclusief BTW

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