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We put our hand in the fire for the EGGmitt. This extra long grilling glove protects your left or right hand up to a temperature of 246°C. Soft cotton on the inside, fire-resistant fibers on the outside, as they also use in aviation. The silicone print provides a great grip.

With the EGGmitt you can safely stand in front of hot(er) fires, because this thermal insulation glove is long enough to also protect your wrist and forearm against the heat of your Big Green Egg. The separate compartments for the fingers provide ultimate grip and control. The EGGmitt is available in 1 size, because one size fits all!


What’s a WWOO?
WWOO is the multifunctional modular outdoor kitchen that fits into any garden. The patent design makes WWOO the ultimate outdoor kitchen, which you find in gardens all over the world. Design the WWOO as a free-standing outdoor kitchen, incorporate the WWOO in your boundary, outdoor spa or create the ultimate outdoor lounge under your porch. WWOO is the unique, stylish and low-maintenance outdoor kitchen solution to enjoy your garden 365 days a year.

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  • How do you get the ashes out of your cooled EGG without fiddling or dirty hands? That is the mission of the new stainless steel Fire Bowls. Hang it over a garbage can and filter the ashes from the extinguished charcoal. This guarantees maximum airflow, so you can start up quickly. You can lift me up!

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  •  44,00 Inclusief BTW

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